Echo des pierres

In my search to find an isolated environment to live and work, I ended up in South-Corsica. For more than 30 years, I had my artist studio in an old barn in the beautiful Ortolo-valley.

During my stays, I collected egg-shaped stones in the Corsican river Ortolo.
I wanted these stones to float on the river and create a sense of magic just by relocating them.
These stone compositions turned into several installations, which I then photographed.

This led me to the desire to let the stones fly. I hung them on very fine strings in my studio. As every stone had a different weight, every string made a different sound. This way, my studio became a gigantic music instrument.

In 1996, I re-installed this installation in the Brigittines Chapel in Brussels. I built a huge water basin and hung the stones above it. Because of the specific lighting, moving shadows of the waves and the stones appeared on the walls. I wanted to turn the chapel into a restful universe by creating a serene and contemplative environment.

Contemporary musicians such as Michael Weilacher and Arne Deforce gave several concerts with their compositions on this installation.


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